Your Sports Injury Recovery Roadmap

February 2,2021
Kouimanis Chiropractic

Your Sports Injury Recovery Roadmap

Sports injuries require patience. As much as you may wish to get back into the field, your body needs the time to heal, which takes longer if you push too hard. At Kouimanis Chiropractic, a Crown Point chiropractor provides dependable care to help you feel better. Letting a sports injury heal takes some strategy to ensure you don’t push yourself too hard too soon. Here’s what to expect as you build a sports injury recovery roadmap. 

Determine the Type of Injury

Some injuries take more time to heal, meaning you need to be extra careful about how you move and use the injured body part. For instance, a few of the potential injuries you may have include:

  • Sprains. Sprains happen when the ligaments that hold your muscles together are torn. This can happen from repetitive movements, poor posture when lifting weights and more. 
  • Back Pain. Back injuries need to be taken very seriously since they can lead to irreversible damage. But many forms of back pain may be due to mild causes. For instance, you may have simply pulled a muscle or have a herniated disc. Our chiropractor can help determine the cause of your back pain and find the right solution for it. 
  • Wrist Injuries. Whether you’ve fractured a wrist or simply overused it, be careful to let the injury heal. Wrist issues can lead to limited movement and even nerve pain, or tendonitis. The pain can be debilitating, so rest the moment you notice pain in your wrist. 
  • Joint Injuries. Joint injuries are another problem that is often caused by repetitive movements. One example is tennis elbow, which causes pain through the elbow and shoulder on the favored arm. Chiropractic is highly effective on joint injuries since the adjustments directly target the joints and relieve inflammation there. 
  • Muscle Tears. Sore muscles are generally normal after a workout. However, excruciating pain that limits your ability to function needs to be evaluated immediately. Torn muscles require deliberate treatment to let the muscle fibers heal. 

Give Your Body a Break

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when injured is to ignore it. If you overlook your symptoms in favor of staying in the sports game, you may make the problem even worse. Whether you have strained muscle or a bone injury, you must rest and take a break. Curve your superhuman tendencies and take care of yourself. 

At-Home Remedies

Stay on top of your care while at home, too. Our chiropractic services are highly effective, but it helps if you continue to be diligent about healing your injury with self-care methods as well. For instance, use a hot and cold compress to reduce swelling. Elevate your injury and replace any bandages frequently. 

Talk to a Chiropractor

With so many potential injuries, that’s what makes visiting a medical professional so important. Our chiropractor, along with your general practitioner, can identify the root cause of your pain and develop a strategy to help the injury heal. Not every injury reacts the same to a specific treatment, and we want to ensure that chiropractic or massage therapy is right for you. Talk to our Crown Point chiropractors to create your recovery roadmap. 

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