Stress Headaches: Why Do They Happen, And How Are They Treated?

December 1,2020
Kouimanis Chiropractic

Stress Headaches: Why Do They Happen, And How Are They Treated?

Everyone encounters stress from time to time. An upcoming exam, overtime at work or even something positive like a promotion can create stress. Stress management skills are important for lowering your stress levels and helping you feel well mentally and physically. But over time, stress can take quite a toll on your body, causing a number of physical symptoms, including headaches and migraines. Here’s what you should know about stress headaches and how Kouimanis Chiropractic can help.

How Stress Causes Headaches

Stress is often called the silent killer since it strains your body. The longer you are stressed, the more likely you are to develop certain health problems, including high blood pressure, digestive issues and sleep disturbances. Headaches are no exception and are actually among the most common anxiety symptoms. The reason headaches can result from stress is often due to muscle tension. When you’re stressed, you may subconsciously tense your muscles, especially your neck and shoulders. This can lead to pain that radiates to your head, causing that tight, band-like pain.

There may be other factors that increase your risk of headaches. For instance, stressed people are more likely to binge on unhealthy processed foods, which contain many ingredients that are known headache triggers. So what can be done? As you may expect, in order to treat your headaches for good, you’ll need to relieve the pain at its source, which is your stress.

How Chiropractic Helps Those With Stress

Chiropractic delivers full-body health benefits. Numerous studies have supported chiropractic as a treatment for not just physical ailments but also mental distress. Of course, if you’re under heavy amounts of stress, you likely are dealing with some form of chronic pain. Here’s why you should consider chiropractic as a solution to your stress-related headaches:

  • Natural. Stress causes enough unpleasant sensations. You don’t want to deal with more trouble caused by medications and their side effects, so chiropractic is an excellent alternative.

  • Effective. Relieving your stress is your top priority. Getting rid of the headaches is simple with chiropractic. After a few weeks of treatment, you’ll notice an improvement in your mood and headaches. Chiropractic helps loosen your body up and relieve tension, resulting in long-term stress relief.

  • Maintain Healthy Habits. People who get chiropractic appointments may be more likely to exercise and stay active. Exercise is incredibly helpful for those who suffer from anxiety. Exercise releases endorphins into your bloodstream, which communicates the feel-good messages in your brain. You’ll feel more positive and you are even less likely to feel pain, meaning you will be on the road to a healthier life.

Chiropractic utilizes a full-body approach to conventional medicine. Holistically relieve your stress and improve your mood will help you reduce the number of headache days. Eventually, you’ll notice a huge improvement in the quality of your life.

Talk to Our Headache Doctor to Learn More

If you are suffering from headaches related to stress, Kouimanis Chiropractic can help. We provide chiropractic services that will help you live a healthier, happier life. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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