Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor if You Have Scoliosis

December 29,2020
Kouimanis Chiropractic

Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor if You Have Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine curves vertically, sometimes in an S or C shape. Scoliosis can cause debilitating pain, whether you are exercising or even just sitting down. At Kouimanis Chiropractic, we use chiropractic to relieve pain caused by various chronic and temporary health conditions. Here are a few of the benefits of visiting a chiropractor when you have scoliosis. 

Increased Flexibility

Chiropractic can loosen your muscles and joints, helping you become more flexible. Chiropractic effectively reduces tension, which is known to cause muscle stiffness. When you are stressed, inactive or have an injury, your body may be tight and stiff. Chiropractic can loosen your pints and help you relieve the tension throughout your body. Regular stretches are an excellent supplement as well.

Less Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the major causes of pain, swelling and discomfort. You may not realize your body is filled with inflammation until the levels become high and you begin developing symptoms. Inflammation in a joint is a particularly troublesome sign, as it causes pain and discomfort when you move. Chiropractic helps by reducing your overall inflammation. Chiropractic balances the body’s structure and reduces stress, meaning you will feel better in the long run. 

Effective on Joints

Scoliosis affects the curvature of the spine, causing the joints to press against each other. Joint pain is readily treated by chiropractic. When a chiropractor does an adjustment, he applies a force to the joint. This direct force helps release air and pressure inside the joint. The spine is no different. Chiropractic directly benefits the spinal cord and helps relieve the pain of scoliosis. In fact, chiropractic is a top choice for other conditions along the spine, such as neck pain and lower backaches. It’s a reliable treatment that helps you achieve the results you want. 


Scoliosis is a degenerative condition, meaning that over time, you will experience more pain as your spinal joints become worn down. However, there are steps you can take to prevent that. In addition to working with a trusted physician, visiting a chiropractor can help you take steps towards a healthier, more active lifestyle. Chiropractic improves mobility in many of our patients. As the weeks of treatment go on, you will become more mobile and have an easier time moving your body, meaning you may slowly introduce gentle exercises into your daily routine. Over time, building muscle strength and less pain means you can continue to a path of a life free from scoliosis pain. 

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Scoliosis can make life feel uncertain, but chiropractic can help. There are so many benefits to chiropractic since it is a safe, effective treatment trusted by doctors around the world. If you or your child has scoliosis, talk to Dr. Kouimanis at our chiropractic office. We’ll help you learn how you can improve your pain both at home and right in our office. Call us to schedule a visit

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