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If you’re tired of dealing with chronic pain, turn to our Merrillville chiropractic offices for relief. Kouimanis Chiropractic is your neighborhood pain doctor specializing in natural treatments for pain in your back, shoulders, knees and more. Our spacious, clean office should be your destination when you need to quickly reduce symptoms associated with an injury or chronic health condition. Here’s what you should know about chiropractic and why you should call our doctor as soon as possible to get the relief you need. 

What is Chiropractic, and How Does It Work?

Over the past few decades, more and more people have turned to chiropractic as a treatment for their swelling, stiffness and pain. Many doctors suggest chiropractic to their patients, especially to anyone who wants an alternative to over-the-counter medications. In order to find what works for you, it’s best to speak to a pain specialist. Everyone is different, and you need a solution to match. 

At Kouimanis Chiropractic, we use a combination of treatments to help you manage physical discomfort: 

  • Chiropractic. One of the best ways to treat pain without drugs or invasive procedures is through chiropractic. The basic premise is that restoring a properly functioning nervous system helps your body communicate better, which clears up pain and promotes healing. The process involves applying force to a joint to release tension and restore its original alignment.
  • Massage Therapy. Massage improves blood flow and decreases muscular tension. It’s particularly effective on those with stiff muscles due to stress or injury. 
  • Sports Injury Treatment. Injuries require special attention. If left to heal on its own, you could be dealing with a lifetime of pain and stiffness. Making sure the injury is taken care of right away helps to prevent long term complications alongside short term suffering. We use a variety of techniques to help your body heal in less time. 

Our Chiropractor Is Here to Support Your Pursuit of Better Health

Dr. Kouimanis is a leading chiropractor in the area. As someone with many years of experience dealing with a wide range of injuries and health conditions, our patients feel confident relying on him for the care they need. We aim to be a welcoming, accessible office for anyone in need of dependable pain relief. Our office staff is friendly and strives to provide the best possible visit every time. We are happy to work with patients of all ages, as natural pain relief is great for children as well as older adults. 

Chiropractic typically takes several weeks to see results. As you continue your appointments, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone reacts differently. Each appointment takes less than 15 minutes in total, which makes it an excellent treatment for anyone with a busy work or school schedule. If you have further questions, please reach out, and we’ll gladly provide the information you need. 

Contact Us Today

To get started at one of the best Merrillville chiropractic offices, call Kouimanis Chiropractic today. We’ll help you make real progress in your journey to better health.

What Our Patients Say

I have gone to Steve for well over 10 years. My high school daughters go to him as do various other family members, including my mom. I have also referred athletes to Steve for over 10 years and he has done wonders for keeping them healthy and getting them back on the field. I am most impressed with the time…

Zac W.

Dr. Kouimanis is great Working with my son. He always gets him in on last minute notice. I highly recommend Him.

Shelly S.

In just a couple weeks, I felt like a whole new person. Thanks so much for the care.


I have been to many chiropractors...Dr. Steve is the best!!! He is very knowledgeable, great with manipulations, kind, calm, with great atmosphere and staff! You will not regret it, in fact, you will wish you hadn't waited so long!


Dr. K is the man. He does a very good job and explains everything so you understand it. I am confident he is the best in the business!!


I finally have a better quality of life after 4 years of pain. Although I've spent thousands in treatments covered and not covered under insurance I was beginning to think I would be dependent on pain meds for the rest of my life. Out of 5 other medical doctors not one has been able to help me not need the…


Dr Steve was first class all the way - very intelligent individual that truly loves his job and it shows.


Stop living with the pain and call Kouimanis Chiropractic in Crown Point today!

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