5 Tips for Migraine Relief

March 30,2021
Kouimanis Chiropractic

5 Tips for Migraine Relief

We all experience headaches now and then. Whether from stress or too much screen time, a headache signals that something is wrong, whether an issue as simple as dehydration. However, some individuals get intense, very painful headaches accompanied by a range of neurological symptoms. This condition is known as migraine. When a migraine hits, it can be debilitating. Fortunately, with a few self-help measures combined with chiropractic care, you can overcome your pain. Kouimanis Chiropractic offers a few tips to help you manage your symptoms. 

Cold Compress

A simple way to reduce pain is by using a cold compress. While the reason isn’t well understood, many people experience a reduction in pain simply by using a cold compress. Some health experts believe it’s connected to how the cold reduces blood flow, which in turn lowers inflammation. Considering this, try placing a cold, damp cloth or an ice pack against your neck, scalp or forehead. This method is easy, affordable and offers instant relief when you’re experiencing a migraine. 

Stay Away From Light and Sound

If you have a migraine, you likely are sensitive to light and sound. Many individuals report pain when looking at bright lights or irritation caused by sound, and photosensitivity is one of the telltale signs of a migraine. With this in mind, you will want to avoid using a smartphone or watching television while in the middle of an attack. Find a quiet, dark place where you can lay down, away from noisy family members. This can help reduce your discomfort during a migraine. 

Check Your Diet

In some cases, migraines are worsened or even caused by food sensitivities. If you experience headaches frequently, take a look at what you eat. Many people’s headaches are triggered by certain foods. Dairy, gluten, sugar and many other kinds of foods can trigger migraines. Identifying your dietary migraine triggers and cutting them out can help reduce the number of headache days. Eating a healthy diet, paired with staying hydrated, can stave off headaches and even prevent them before they start. Consider adding more magnesium to your diet, which can be found in nuts, leafy greens and whole grains. This nutrient is known to have anti-headache properties. 

Reduce Stress

Stress is among the most notorious migraine triggers. In fact, migraines and anxiety tend to be closely interrelated, with many migraine sufferers also having an anxiety disorder. Stress hurts your body in many different ways, from increasing your blood pressure to causing tense neck muscles. These effects can make a headache significantly worse. Reducing stress and taking the time to unwind each day can lower your risk of headaches. Similarly, lowering your stress levels promotes better sleep, which also helps to prevent migraines. 

Visit a Chiropractor

It’s not always possible to prevent migraines altogether. Fortunately, with a combination of self-help measures and chiropractic treatment, you can relieve your pain and get back on track. Chiropractic offers holistic pain relief for migraine sufferers. Take back your life with the help of our team at Kouimanis Chiropractic. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kouimanis to learn how we can help you lessen the ache. 

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